Review: Viper Gaming Viper Steel 32GB PC4-3300 DDR4 SODIMM RAM


Taking a Closer Look at Viper Gaming Viper Steel 32GB PC4-3300 DDR4 SODIMM RAM


Taking A Closer Look

Patriot’s Viper Gaming Viper Steel SODIMM Performance Memory ships in a small clamshell package that is easy to open without the use of any sharp utensils while remaining protected from ESD and shipping damage. We always like to see easy-to-open packaging here at Proclockers and consider it a major bonus any time we can open a package without a knife or scissors. This packaging definitely checks that box for us!

I normally only include multiple angles of a product’s packaging if something is done exceptionally well, or if I spot something I am not a very big fan of. Unfortunately, I’ve included this image of the back of the Viper Steel SODIMM packaging for the latter reason. The text on the back of this package is, for the most part, all but impossible to read, and while that is not a major issue, it is still an issue for me. I almost always make my purchases online, and always thoroughly research the things I intend to purchase before actually making the purchase, there are still times where I have to read the package before or after making my purchase. Even with 20/20 vision, I struggled to read the fine print on this package. However, I want to note that I fully understand that the tiny writing on the back of a paper package has no impact on the performance of the RAM itself.

At first glance, you might think that the Viper Steel logo is printed on a heat-spreader, but that is not the case, and what you are looking at is just a sticker. This is because it’s not often possible to fit a heat spreader on SODIMM RAM due to the size requirements of a SODIMM slot in today’s ultra-thin gaming laptops. I have to say that it does look nice, and the sticker feels of substantial-quality, and not thin and cheap.

Flipping the Viper Gaming Viper Steel SODIMM RAM module over we find the ID Lable, and not much else. I do have to give Patriot props on the black PCB solder mask, as it gives the whole module a sleek appearance, however, being SODIMM RAM designed to be used in a Laptop, the beauty of this RAM module will rarely be seen by anyone other than myself.

The Viper Steel SODIMM RAM looks great installed. Notice little clearance exists between the top of the RAM and the top of the pocket it sits down into. This is why its impossible to add heat spreaders to most SODIMM RAM. I want to note that the RAM is installed in “Slot 1” which was marked, but also verified via the factory service manual for this Dell G7 Gaming Laptop. Overall the install took about 3 minutes to complete from start to finish, and the G7 booted up without issue.

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