Rii RK100+ Keyboard Review

RiiTek has an incredibly popular lineup of keyboards, including insanely popular RGB backlit keyboards and game controller keyboard combo pieces. Most recently the Rii RK100+ keyboard has gotten a lot of love from the gaming community and is one of the top gaming keyboards on Amazon. It’s not hard to see why, either. This keyboard is a great budget piece in RiiTek’s lineup and the lighting options give it an edge over its competition. 

So, with that said is the Rii RK100+ Keyboard worth the hype? We think so! We aim to prove it to you throughout this review. Let’s take a look at what sets the Rii RK100+ in a class of its own. 

Pros: great mechanical keyboard feeling, lighting options
Cons: no extra usb ports, keys can be a little tight and some squeak slightly


Rii RK 100+ Technical Specifications 

  • 104 keys
  • Backlit, Multiple Colors
  • Weight: 622g / 1.37 pounds
  • Size:43×13.6×2.6cm | 17 x 1.02 x 5 inches
  • Compatibility:Win10/Win8/Win7/Linux/Vista/Mac/IBM PC/Mac OS/Chrome OS/Linux OS
  • Keys rated for 5 million clicks

What’s in the Box

  • Keyboard
  • Connection cable 
  • manual 


The Rii RK100+ is a great gaming keyboard. The mechanical-feeling keys provide a springy response to even the quickest taps. The keyboard is laid out as a full keyboard with a number pad. There is no wrist rest on this product as there are on other models in RiiTek’s lineup. This particular model is streamlined and has a tight footprint, with almost zero wasted space. The keyboard comes with two feet on the back to raise it to a comfortable typing height if you need them. There are also rubber feet on the bottom to help prevent sliding and slipping. 

The layout is really beautiful. This piece is a testament to simplicity with a hint of whimsy, especially when you turn on the “breathing” LED function that pulses the lights mimicking breathing. This keyboard is fun to use and is a treat to type and play with. It’s worth noting that this model comes in matte black or in white, both with LED backlighting. This is a fairly novel offering in budget gaming tech and keyboards. The two different color options are a fun twist, making it easy to tell between two people’s keyboards or as a great way to differentiate keyboards when running multiple devices.

The construction on this particular keyboard feels high-quality. The cable that comes with the keyboard is a solid 4-5 feet and is a comfortable length for most desktop machines. The USB plug in system is easy to use and get started. One of our main complaints with this device is that there are no extra USB docks in the device, making a wired mouse a little awkward. Overall though we’re happy to give up a USB access for the mechanical feel at this price point. 


Each key is backlit and the keyboard works as one set of lights with three programmable settings. There is a rainbow setting that you can turn up, down and off for the entire board. The colors are set and are non-programmable, but at this price point having the ability to dim and turn off the lights behind the keys is a bonus. 

Keys & Feedback

There are 12 function keys at the top of the keyboard with special functions. Interestingly there are music control buttons along with the standard volume and light control. There are also keys to lock the keyboard and to bring up your email inbox. Overall the function keys have everything to get you through gaming and work from home as easily as possible.

All the keys are laid out in a way that’s easy to read and use. The keys aren’t too high-profile to be noticeable and have a nice response. The sound from the keys is just right on most keys. A few of the keys can sometimes squeak or make odd noises when hit at an angle or hit very quickly but overall the clicks and clacks from this keyboard are pretty standard and consistent.

Price Point

The Rii100+ is sold as a mechanical-feeling gaming keyboard for less than $20 on Amazon right now. It’s a great price point for entry-level gamers, new work from home employees and the two color options in addition to the LED lighting is great for kids who are transitioning to distance learning. 

There are dozens of high-end mechanical keyboards on the market and there are endless entry-level daily use keyboards available. The Rii 100+ keyboard does a great job of bridging the two markets to offer a competitive product perfect for gamers and daily users alike. 

Verdict: Is the Rii100+ Keyboard Worth It? 

We think the Rii100+ keyboard is completely worth the price if you’re in the market for a new keyboard. 

The great response of the keys, the backlighting options and the solid construction make it a winner in our books. We love that you can customize the light levels and have the ability to activate the breathing function. This is a great beginner or budget keyboard option for gamers and non-gaming users alike.

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