Riotoro CR280 Mini-ITX Computer Chassis


A case can easily be the hardest part of a build to select. If you go too large, you need a mountain of gear to make it look good. If you go too small, you may not fit everything you want, or may be limited on upgrades later. Some cases can even cost more than major components of your build. You don’t want a cheap tinfoil case that may collapse under its own weight, but you’d rather not take your specs down a notch to afford a good case. What’s a builder to do? Riotoro might just have the answer for you. Cases designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, without all those pesky details like cheap materials or fine print. Riotoro’s CR280 case is made for space conscious builders with its ITX form factor, but manages to still handle full size graphics cards, power supplies and even water cooling in a sleek windowed box. The specs look impressive, but can a case from a manufacturer you may not be familiar with (yet) handle you? We are about to dive in and find out!

Pro Clockers would like to thank Riotoro for sending us the CR280 ITX case to review, as well as the Bifrost 120 Cooler and Onyx 650 power supply used in this review which will be covered in upcoming reviews.

About Riotoro

“Founded in 2014, Formed by Enthusiasts, for Enthusiasts, RIOTORO manufactures the best Performance PC Hardware, Peripherals, and Accessories in the industry with a goal of providing complete satisfaction for high performance seekers who build their own personal computers.” –

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