Samsung Galaxy A20 vs Samsung Galaxy A10 Review

Samsung Budget Smartphones: should you buy the Galaxy A20 or the Galaxy A10?

Samsung has released a total of four Galaxy A series at the beginning of 2019 (A10, A20, A30, and A50), later adding three more smartphones (A40, A70, and A80).

The budget-friendly Galaxy A series targets buyers from various markets, most of the phone models coming at different prices, with some differences in terms of performance or features.

We will compare in our review the Galaxy A10 and Galaxy A20 and see what each smartphone offers, what are their similarities and differences. By the end of this review, you will see which Galaxy smartphone is a better purchase.

Let us check the Galaxy A20 and the Galaxy A10 below in our in-depth review that focuses on four main categories: body, platform & memory, cameras, and some extra (but essential) features.

Samsung Galaxy A20 vs Samsung Galaxy A10

Both Galaxy A20 and Galaxy A10 are affordable smartphones, featuring nearly the same specs, with very slight differences. Are these differences worth the extra cash required to buy the more expensive Galaxy A20?

Our Samsung Galaxy A20 vs Samsung Galaxy A10 review should answer all your questions and help you decide which one fits your needs.

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