Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

The Galaxy Note 8 is getting cheaper as Note 9 and Note 10 were released, so is it worth buying it in 2020?

Is the flagship phone of 2017 still a good purchase now that we have newer and better smartphones from Samsung? If you want a new smartphone, you’ll surely want one that comes with software update support, better specs, and more features. Unfortunately, for the Note 8, these things are no longer available.

We will look at the Galaxy Note 8 specs and features to see if the Note 8 is still worth your attention and money.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Pros and Cons

+ Pros: Infinity display, great camera, great performance, many stylus features

– Cons: small battery life, speaker a bit weak, poor positioning of the fingerprint reader

Launched at $929 in 2017, the Galaxy Note 8 dropped at $715 in 2019 and now it sells for around $408 at various retailers. It surely is a bargain, but its age might not convince you, even with that smaller price. Let’s look at the specs and features.

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