Sandisk Extreme Pro VS Samsung 970 Pro SSD

Sandisk Extreme Pro Comparison

How does the Samsung 970 Pro SSD compare to Sandisk Extreme Pro in terms of speed, performance, and price?

When it comes to the SSD market, we have seen Samsung, Intel and SanDisk bring plenty of products over the past few years. All three have competed to dominate the consumer SSD segment, and Samsung’s NVMe Pro series saw a competitor in the form of the SanDisk Extreme SSD series.

We will take a look at the two SSDs in our Sandisk Extreme Pro VS Samsung 970 Pro SSD review.

Sandisk Extreme Pro VS Samsung 970 Pro SSD – A SHORT PREVIEW


SanDisk Extreme Pro M.2:

Samsung’s NVMe Pro series continues to dominate the consumer SSD segment, but the SanDisk Extreme SSD series is a direct competitor. While Samsung offers premium performance, SanDisk Extreme SSD series comes with a much better price offer. The leading 970 Pro is indeed slightly better than the Sandisk Extreme Pro NVMe, but at a higher price tag (at launch).

The Sandisk Extreme Pro NVMe is aimed at “creative” users, as all SanDisk products, but lately, the category has grown considering SSDs are used by a much wider audience. Lastly, we must note that the Sandisk Extreme Pro NVMe is the exact same drive as the WD Black NVMe (since WD owns SanDisk) – the only difference is the name and the labels.

Sandisk Extreme Pro VS Samsung 970 Pro SSD – Pros and Cons

Let’s head to a more in-depth look at each drive and see the pros, cons, technical specifications, benchmark test results, and finally reach a verdict.

SanDisk Extreme Pro

What makes the SanDisk Extreme Pro so good is that it offers great sequential performance when you work with large files, but it fails to deliver that same performance when it comes to random workloads.

+ Pros: great sequential performance (creatives-oriented), high overall performance, high quality

– Cons: firmware could use some tuning, no disk encryption

Samsung 970 Pro

Samsung 970 Pro vs SanDisk

When you say Pro, you know you get premium build, features and performance, and for a Samsung 970 Pro, you also get to pay the premium price. Professionals will surely like this SSD since it works great when you thrown heavy sequential write workloads at it. The only category it will lose is when it comes to the price-to-performance ratio, where the Sandisk Extreme Pro gets the lead.

+ Pros: a leader in performance, MLC flash, full disk encryption, great software package, durable

– Cons: Expensive (when launched in 2018)

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