Sapphire PURE Black P67 Hydra Socket 1155 Motherboard


Sapphire’s first venture into the Sandy Bridge architecture is a good one. They were able to produce a motherboard that is one of the best overclockers we have had here at Pro-Clockers. Granted, overclocking the Cougar Point chipset may not take basket weaving to figure out but it does take a good motherboard with well designed power circuits, and a decent processor to hit levels higher than most.

The layout of the PURE P67 is one that looks as if something was missing. However, with just a look at the list of features on the PURE P67 and you will see that it is one of the more complete motherboards on the market. USB 3.0 and SATA III( with additional 2 port controller) are just the smallest bit of the options list, but it goes beyond that. How does Bluetooth and Lucid technology sound? Yes, these are features you will not find on too many motherboards on the market P67 or otherwise, period.

The component cooling on the PURE P67 is pretty decent as the Lucid, PCH and power phase MOSFETs are all passively cooled. The MOSFET heatsink is fairly tall, but as it’s width isn’t too great we did not encounter any issues with the mounting of our test cooler on the CPU.

The only real issue we found was the location of the PCIe slot when trying to remove the GPU from the motherboard. Due to its location we had to remove the ram first in order to before we could get the GPU out, as without doing so we could not reach the locking mechanism of the PCIe slot.

The BIOS of the PURE P67 is of the standard AMI type and not UEFI like we have seen on the majority of Cougar Point motherboards. There are mixed opinions on the UEFI, I am seeing a 50/50 split each way of the approval/disapproval line. When navigating through the BIOS of the PURE P67 one must enter multuplie different subdirectories in order to enable/disable different performance related features. Yes, it is all located under the Performance tab, but then is broken down after that point and can start to get confusing. However, on a possitive note, the PURE P67 does have a dual BIOS, and a handy switching mechanism to toggle between each.

Overall our experience with the Sapphire PURE Black P67 Hydra was very positive as we were able to achieve a good overclock, as well as run multiple vendor graphic cards in the motherboard. Both extremely great features in motherboard marketed for gamers as it really opens up the upgrade options down the road with being able to swap between GPU camps, while not having to upgrade any other part of the system. The Voltage Monitor points have always been a very useful feature to the enthusiast overclockers and Sapphire included them to appeal to you as well. Not only that, but the switchable dual BIOS could prove to be a big selling point to many of you competition extreme-cooling overclockers out there!

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