Sapphire PURE Black P67 Hydra Socket 1155 Motherboard

Key Features

TriXX Widget

After installing the TriXX application from the CD that comes with the mainboard, this little widget is displayed then conveniently on the side of your desktop. The TriXX Sidebar app gives you vital system readings like temperatures and fan speeds.


Sapphire’s TriXX is like most overclocking application that accompany motherboards today, giving you control of the different voltage areas of the motherboard. Sadly, it does lacks the ability to change the Turbo mode ratio, but this likely is due to the fact the system needs to reboot for the Turbo setting to take place anyways.

Bluetooth via Atheros

We are seeing more and more motherboards come with bluetooth support. With the growing assortment of Bluetooth equipped electronic gadgets, and with virtually every mobile phone having the capability, this is a nice feature to have on the desktop. No longer do you have to worry about keeping track of your phone’s USB cable or the MicroSD adapter card as with Bluetooth you can transfer your data to your computer wirelessly!

Lucid Technology

The Lucid Hydra support has enabled Sapphire to give the PURE P67 the ability to run different vendors of graphic chips at the same time. With technology such as this, no longer do motherboard makers need to acquire NVIDIA’s SLI Certification, simply in order to gain driver support so that two of their cards can be ran in tandem. Sapphire is not the first to offer this, but we think it is a great selling point, especially when you are trying to cater to the masses. This way you can offer one feature packed motherboard that will appeal to both the AMD and NVIDIA camps.

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