Sapphire PURE CrossFireX 770 AMD AM2+ Motherboard


Closer look

I was disappointed to see this board didn’t have the color scheme of the other Sapphire boards we have admired over the past couple of years. But it does remind us of an ASUS mainboard which is known to be a top notch board as well. At least we do get a black PCB with components that are well placed.

The space around the CPU socket is a little clustered, meaning one should not use memory with tall heat sinks combined with a CPU that overlaps the edges of the plastic heat sink bracket. This is a rare case so I don’t see it interfering with the most potential users of this motherboard.

Sapphire does use several colors to make up the motherboard. Thankfully, they really don’t clash like we have seen on some boards. Evidence of such color usage is present with the DIMM slots. To differentiate the dual slots, Sapphire uses blue and yellow. The lone IDE controller and ATX power connector are located on the edge of the motherboard as you would expect.

To keep noise under control, passive heat sinks are used to cool the different bridges and resistors.

On a budget and still want to run a crossfire setup? Then here is your chance. The AM2RX780 has two full bandwidth 16X PCI-e slots. Sapphire makes cards like the Toxic line that uses a single slot cooler. But if you are a fan of other GPU manufacturers, the AM2RX780 has a ton of space between the two slots.

The SATA, single floppy drive connector and headers are located at the edge of the board. It seems that Sapphire listened to the consumers when it came to this board, given the complains about the placement of these particulars on some past models.

When it comes to the I/O panel on the motherboard, everything is pretty much in order. Multi-port audio connections are available including two optical ports.

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