Sapphire PURE CrossFireX 770 AMD AM2+ Motherboard



For being on the lower end of the models offered from Sapphire and AMD, the CrossfireX motherboard and AMD 770 chipset did pretty well. The performance numbers were better than that of the ECS A770-M model. And as much as we were impressed with the performance, we were just as impressed with its layout and BIOS. So often manufacturers leave out many features and advantages due to the fact they are offering higher model boards. Sapphire did this to an extent with the 790FX for those that want it all, however they still managed to apply the proper focus to this model. The 770 CrossfireX has a beautiful layout and many options in the BIOS to get a decent overclock.

There is honestly not much you can find negative about this quality motherboard. That is unless you are one of those individuals that want extreme numbers from the overclocking. Or, of course, if you are looking for a quad Crossfire design. And if you are one of these select individuals, you shouldn’t be looking at a board in the sub-$100 price range.
We would like to thank Sapphire for shipping us their solid product, the Sapphire AM2RX780.

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