Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 Low Profile


There are several reasons why one would elect to buy the Sapphire low profile Radeon HD 7750. These reasons could include its physical size and the ability to adapt to smaller system cases, its quietest which was the lowest we have seen with a GPU actually containing an active cooling situation, its great video playback quality or is moderate gaming performance.

No matter the reason you will be getting one of the better cards when it comes to all of the aspects we listed above. But we were impressive with its gaming aspects at 1920×1200 solution with settings cranked up. In most of the gaming benchmarks we saw the card maintain higher than 30fps. Not bad. Now imagine the resolution lowered to a more modest 1920×1080 or thereabouts. The Radeon HD 7750 is no slouch.

We know a majority of the buyer is this card will chose to throw it in a HTPC build and sit back and enjoy the wonderful visuals that are outputted. And we totally understand. And in doing this you will not hear a thing from the card making the watching of videos joyful. Actually, I can see this card being used in system that most describe at silent PCs. There are fan-less models out there that are suited for this same purpose but some of the passive heat sinks are too large to fit in some environments. Advantage the Sapphire Radeon HD Low Profile 7750.

And retailing for $110 or so this card is a real winner.


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