Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 FleX Video Card

One thing that all the different models, from all the different manufactures have one common is that in order to run AMD’s EyeFinity 3 feature you need to either include at least one monitor that has a DisplayPort capability, or are using some type of adapter to convert DisplayPort into the connection your monitor supports. At least that is the case except for the model we are about to touch on today, the Sapphire FleX HD 7950 3GB, which can run this Eyefinity with all the monitors being DVI. How about that for saving a few dollars? And at the moment, this is the fastest Radeon card that can do that.


The Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 FleX is a surprisingly fast video card, holding its own against another very good video card we are testing from the nVidia camp. The overclocked Core speed of 860MHz along with the 3072 MB 5000 MHz (effective) GDDR5 Memory makes this HD 7950 fast enough to handle any game currently available, as well as future ones. All the while allowing the user to take full advantage of multiple screen gaming.

However,  the real reason behind the undoubtful forthcoming success of the this card is not its great speed or the fact it provides multi-monitor gaming (ok that is some of it), but how it deals with adding monitors to the card so the user can more easily adopt Eyefinity gaming. The FleX series is the only AMD-based cards that will allow you to have three monitors in Eyefinity and all without one having to use the DisplayPort. Because with the pricing of display port monitors and/or active adapters to convert a regular monitor makes this features a must-have cheaper alternative.

The Dual-X fan configuration in conjunction with the vapor chamber cooling system means the FleX does a great job of keeping the card cool, not to mention keeping the system reasonably quiet. Even OCCT pushing the card to test load was not able to bring about the amount of noise we encounter with a lot of other cards on the market. Should you still think that the little noise the card does give off is too much, then using the TriXX application will provide you the means to turn them down a few notches to a level you’re more comfortable with.

Sapphire has indicated the card will have a MSRP of $419.99, which is just the price we found selling for at Newegg. This does make the card one of the most expensive selling on the site at this time but throw in the FleX and you are getting value here.

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