Sapphire Tri-X Radeon R9 Fury Review

A Closer Look

The Sapphire Tri-X Radeon R9 Fury features custom cooler of Sapphire’s own design. The card is on the larger side and may be a tight fit in some cases.

The card has unique look. The mostly black card has dark silver trim with yellow/orange highlights. A 8-LED light bar that indicates GPU intensity is located next to the power connectors on the backside of the PCB.

The cooler is roughly 50% longer than the PCB.

Monitor connections are limited to 3 DiplayPort and 1 HDMI ports.

With a 275 watt TDP, the Radeon R9 Fury needs power from two connectors, relying on a dual 8 pin design.

Accessories are limited to a HDMI to DVI adapter and a HDMI cable.

A quick installation guide, driver disk, and case badge are also included.


On to Testing.

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