ScharkSpark The Wasp SS40 Drone Review


As drone technology advanced, they went from a hobby for the wealthy to something anyone can now do. Not only are drones now very affordable, they are also packing in a lot of new bells and whistles. Most expensive drones are equipped with cameras and have the ability to stream right to your mobile device. Thanks to the Wasp SS40, you can have these high-end items in an entry level drone. Some of the notable features include a 120-degree wide lens HD 1080p resolution camera, single button take-off/landing, 10 to 12 minute flight time and WiFi piloting using a tablet/smart phone. Even with all these premium features the Wasp SS40 comes in at an affordable MSRP of $69.99.

About ScharkSpark

ScharkSpark is a company that does its own research, development, design and production of toy drones. They have released many unique drones over the past few years like the FQ20: a fully detachable drone and the FQ28 paintable flying egg for users under 14. When designing and producing these drones, ease of use, novel design and safety are ScharkSpark’s top priorities.

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