ScharkSpark Warrior II FQ32 Drone Review


Over the past few years, drones have become an increasing popular hobby. One reason for this is the cost of entry becoming low enough for even the amateur hobbyist to purchase one. When people start to fly drones, they would be nervous piloting a $500+ drone, but due to the many technological advances, you can now find a drone like ScharkSpark’s Warrior II for under $30. The Warrior II is a perfect beginner drone with its easy to use controls and its very portable design thanks to its smaller size and foldable propellers. With an MSRP of $29.99, this is a drone you won’t be too worried about crashing.

About ScharkSpark

ScharkSpark is a company that does its own research, development, design and production of toy drones. They have released many unique drones over the past few years like the FQ20: a fully detachable drone, and the FQ28 paintable flying egg for users under 14. When designing and producing these drones, ease of use, novel design and safety are ScharkSpark top priorities.

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