ScharkSpark Warrior II FQ32 Drone Review

A Closer Look

The Warrior II drone is mostly matte black with a blue top with a circuit type pattern and ScharkSpark’s logo. The drone is small enough that when folded, fits easily in the palm of your hand. Its small size makes the unit easy to pick up and go at a moment’s notice.

Unfolding the propellers was easily done and they lock in place once they are fully extended.

The front of the Warrior II drone has an LED headlight. The light will probably be helpful while flying in less then ideal lighting conditions or help track the drone once it’s farther away from you.

Flipping over the drone, on each of the propellers arms is an LED light, which like the headlight helps keep track of the drone. On the back is the removable battery which powers the drone for about 7-8 minutes of flight time.

Removing the battery, we see that it’s a 3.7v 600mAh LiPo and from empty took about 60 minutes to reach full charge. To charge, just plug the included USB charge cable into the battery and then a USB port. While the battery is charging it has a red LED indicator and once the LED turns off it is fully charged.

The included remote control operates on the 2.4GHz band and requires 3 x AAA batteries. On the top of the remote you have 2 control sticks to control the drone’s height, ordination and direction. These thumb sticks have a good stiffness to them, though are a little small for our liking and would be nice if they had a textured top for grip. Below, the control sticks you have 4 buttons for headless mode, one key return, take off/land and emergency stop.

On the top side of the remote are 2 buttons to perform a 3D flip and for adjusting the speed of the drone.

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