ScharkSpark Warrior II FQ32 Drone Review


After looking over the drone, it was now time to take the Warrior II out for flight. When turning on the drone the headlight and the 4 LED’s on the arm blink (2 green and 2 blue) until paired to the controller. Pairing is as simple as turning on the remote while the drone is on. Once paired, all the LED’s stop blinking and remain on.

The first thing you must do is calibrate the drone by using the left control stick as per the included directions. When I attempted to calibrate it the first time, only 3 propellers were working. Upon examination of the non-working propeller I noticed the arm’s top and bottom pieces weren’t quite lined up. So, we took out the 3 screws holding the arm together then re-aligned them and reassembled it. Once I got the drone back together, I had no issues calibrating the drone and it was now ready to fly.

It was advertised as an indoor and outdoor drone so I first tested it in my basement. After a few failed piloting attempts (aka crashes) I figured it was best I went outside due to my terrible flying and small space I was piloting in.

Once we got outside things went much better with all the open space. The Warrior II at takeoff hovered quite nicely and the controls reacted well to my input. I did notice that the wind does grab the drone quite well it is best to fly with little to no wind. The first 2-3 takeoffs were a little tough and I did end up flying the Warrior II into the bush with a fairly hard landing. Surprisingly, the drone survived and only had a few of the arms folded which were easily extended back into position.

Once I got used to the controls, the LED’s on the drone were invaluable as it helped to easily see the drone’s ordination and react accordingly. The included 3D flip is also pretty cool as the drone does a full 360-degree flip. I originally thought the flip would be done instantly but once pressed the controller will beep until the flip has been completed. I’m assuming this is due to the drone needing to meet certain criteria before it can execute the flip. Another good feature of the Warrior II is if it goes out of range or loses connection to the remote it will automatically land the drone safely.

My only complaint is the latch on the battery doesn’t hold as well as it could. The battery has fallen out twice: once when I crashed the copper and another time after executing a 3D flip. Overall, I was quite impressed with the drone’s flight with a sub $30 quad copper. I was outside for about 30 minutes and the Warrior II still had charge. I’m guessing I was still within the battery’s 7-8 minute of fly time as there was time spent recovering the drone from crashes and out of range landings.

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