Scythe KamaConnect Plus


The Scythe KamaConnect Plus is the perfect tool for the IT professional as well as the hardware tech next door. The ease that it takes to get the device up running is simple, fast and requires no real tech knowledge. It works as advertised as it is able to read various size hard drives, all kinds of digital media and even have a small USB ports all enclosed in a small but simple casing.

The only knock I can see anyone having against this product is the fact that it is not USB 3.0 but only USB 2.0. In time I see Scythe releasing such a product but in the case of this one USB 2.0 definately is fast enough to transfer selected files from one drive to another or from PC to drive. Only after the files get past 500mb or bigger the unit needs to be faster.

The KamaConnect Plus retails for about $40 online which is not bad for a three-in-one device like this.

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