Scythe Mugen Max CPU Cooler Review


Large aftermarket towers are a staple in the PC community for quite some time, and although there has been a trend to lean towards all-in-one liquid coolers in the past few years; Scythe is coming back with vengeance. Marketed as an ‘XL’ cooler, with a 140mm fan, we can see some massive cooling potential in this product. Possibly one of the reasons to choose a more traditional air cooling method, over liquid.

About Scythe

Scythe is a Japanese based company that is based in Tokyo, and opened its doors in 2002 as a distributor and manufacturer of passive and low-noise computer parts. The company now has established a research and development facility in Taiwan, and has one in China for production and quality control. Their office in the USA & Germany offer customer support, as well as sales.

Scythe has this to say about themselves:

“At Scythe, we believe that the best ideas for product come simply from knowing customers’ needs and their expectations.  Based on this philosophy, the PC enthusiasts working at Scythe know what to develop because that is exactly what we would like to have for ourselves too!  We offer products with 100% quality assurance and total pride, and if the product has the Scythe name on it, you can rest assure that its quality will be up to the “Zero Tolerance” standards!”

About the Mugen Max

The Mugen Max comes with a 140mm PWM fan that is one of Scythe’s GildeStream series. The standard 120mm design was improved upon in the 140mm version, while maintaining the same specs as its cousin; it creates less noise due to the increased blade size.

The cooler ships with one included fan, but also has a second set of clips to run a second fan behind the cooler as well, for added performance in cooling some massive overclocks.

The mounting system offers a large array of supported socket types, and uses their proven H.P.M.S (Hyper Precision Mounting System) to ensure quick and painless installation. 

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6 years ago

I have one of these coolers.
I haven’t used it yet, but it’s good to see that it works so well. I also like the way the bottom heat-pipes are offset to allow for RAM clearance when installed.

6 years ago

I have one of these coolers.
Good review Aaron.
I like the performance that you squeezed from this Scythe Mugen Max cooler. I have one on the shelf, but haven’t used it yet. One of the things that I liked about it is the heat pipe offset that allows for RAM clearance. It is an excellent design choice.
I also like that they included in the retail box, the clips to add a second fan to the cooler.