Scythe Rasetsu Top Flow CPU Cooler


Scythe knows that you have plenty of options out there when it comes to air-cooling. Many of those options are made by them for that matter. What Scythe has brought to the table, which started a few coolers ago, was the mounting option they call Versatile Tool-Free Multiplatform System . What that means is no tools needed to install the mounting hardware required to affix the heatsink to the motherboard. They followed that technological move up with the new Trident Multi Layer Fin technology. This all shows that Scythe is trying to make a difference in air-cooling and not trying to flood the market with as many coolers as possible without advancing the technology any behind them.

The Rasetsu is one fine cooler that offers all the technological goodness needed to improve on the whole. With its high performing numbers it can even be installed in cases where many tower-style coolers cannot go due to clearance issues.  Meaning that you can now have a great cooler in a HTPC build and not having to rely on the stock CPU box cooler as many of us have had to do in the past.

We know looks aren’t everything but the Rasetsu is one of the nicest looking coolers we have seen in some time. This coupled with the ease to install and nice performance, makes it a highly recommended item.

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