Scythe Yasya CPU Cooler

Closer look

The Scythe Yasya is aimed that the overclocker and enthusiast that want better performance without having to fork out more money for a faster processor. This comes in the form of overclocking. The Yasya is a rather large cooler but nowhere near the size of some of our recent review samples like the Noctua D14 and the Cogage Arrow. The Yasya weighs in at 848 grams with the fan mounted. And measures 130 x 108.5 x 159 mm or 5.12 x 4.27 x 6.26 inches.

The Yasya consist of a single tower of fifty plus aluminum fins. And from the various camera angles you can see visually what the T.M.L.F. is made up of. The arrangement looks something like a pair wings but the arrangement serves its purpose. The V gap in the arrangement eliminates the fan’s hub from being a dead spot.

To support to tower of fin are six unparalleled copper heat-pipes. The placement of the heat pipes are such a way that heat is distributed into different locations of the fins. The heat pipes come in contact with the base in the standard fashion and does not result to the direct heat technology we have seen in some coolers. The pipes measure 6mm in diameter and are not coated in nickel which is common nowadays. To come the cooler looking superb the pipes are capped off at the top using a nut.

To top off the Yasya the base sure a common trait of Scythe which is a very shiny base. Looking at it closely you can see there are very little evidence of machining. In the case of the base it is nickel coated.

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