Scythe Yasya CPU Cooler

Assembling and mounting

The Yasya is a fully compatible cooler that supports all the AMD sockets since the 754 and all the Intel sockets since the 775. And in order to prepare the cooler for mounting Scythe has accomplished to make it very simple. Honestly, dealing with Scythe coolers over the years we have determined their mounting process is the simplest.

There are just two set of brackets that comes with the Scythe so the bag of accessories is minimum. The bracket meant for Intel sockets is adjustable between the spacing needed for 775, 1156 and 1366. The bracket simply snaps into the lower aluminum heat sink of the cooler. Done. The Intel brackets are of the standard Intel OEM type so removing the motherboard from the cases is not necessary.

For active cooling the Yasya is mated with a new Slipstream 120mm fan with PWM built-in. And to aid in speed and noise a fan controller is integrated into the wiring. RPM range between 1340 to 1900 while noise level is between 27 and 37 dBA. Good for 76 to 110 CFM.

Here we have the Scythe Yasya mount to the motherboard. We are pleased to announce we had no issues with clearance on our board.

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