Scythe Yasya CPU Cooler


The Yasya lives up to the Scythe motto of being the better noise-to-performance cooler. And at the same time take the throne as the better performance-to-price cooler. Does the Yasya have a chance to become a top cooler? No. But if you are looking for a cooler that does perform and cost you less than $50 to purchase, you can’t beat it at all. Coolers that do outperform the Yasya will cost you upwards of $65 easily.

The looks of the Yasya to me is awesome to look at. Heavily resembling others on the market but the T.M.L.F. (Trident Multi Layer Fin) configuration does make it stand out.

Assembling the Yasya is a no-brainer. It is fast and simple. Many may down the cooler because it uses the OEM Intel push-pins but for a direct OEM replacement and the fact that the cooler is not too heavy we see this an non-issue but each his own. A more complex mounting system would place the Yasya reach out of the price range it currently seats. And that would result in Prolimatech Megahalems price range. And that would not be beneficial for Scythe at all.

If it was up to us we would have like to see anmother set of wire clips placed in the accessory bag for those that would want to place another fan on the cooler.

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