Seagate SkyHawk Surveillance 10TB SATA 6.0Gbps Hard Drive Review

A Closer Look

Unlike packaging intended for consumer-oriented devices, The SkyHawk comes in a pretty generic box, so we’ll cut to the chase. The drive is sealed in a transparent ESD safe bag.

Most drives are sealed from one end, but Seagate always seems to seal theirs right in the middle.

All of the Guardian series drives have a colorful label and the SkyHawk is no different. The lower 2/3rds of the drive has all of the details like capacity, serial numbers and the like.

The bottom of the drive only reveals a green PCB with no components on the bottom side.

The drive connects to any host with a standard SATA III 6.0Gbps connection and can be slotted into any multi-bay system designed for 3.5” drives found on most DVR or NVR systems.

The top of the drive has the SkyHawk logo as well as the Seagate logo. The capacity and series sit at the top of the white label as well as a QR code that takes you to the drives page on Seagate’s website.

So how far does 10TB actually go?

According to Seagate’s own tool, we could record 1080p footage at medium quality continuously 24 hours a day from two dozen cameras and hold well over 2 weeks of footage without overwriting. You can play around with the calculator to find your own perfect mix of quality, number of cameras and retention length that suits your own needs.


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