Sennheiser PC 363D Gaming Headset Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Summing up the Sennheiser PC 363D is very easy. The performance of the PC 363D gaming headset is superb, both the audio output and the microphone. It is by far the best gaming headset I have reviewed to date. Out of the box, it is a great gaming headset. I would rate the performance of the headset a 9 out of 10.

The PC 363D may not look that cool compared to the other gaming headset from Sennheiser, the GAME ONE gaming headset, the PC 363D however is very comfortable to wear. I can go for hours using the headset without the slightest discomfort.

Now, the Sennheiser PC 363D gaming headset would look like the best gaming headset to opt for today but there’s a catch, the PC 363D is somewhat pricey. At $209 in Amazon, it sure isn’t a cheap gaming headset. But if you are looking for a great gaming headset disregarding the price tag, the PC 363D Gaming Headset is the one to look for.


  • Superb Audio Quality
  • Superb Microphone Quality
  • Very Comfortable
  • Digital 7.1 Surround Sound Experience


  • Rather Pricey

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