Sentey Brio 20800mAh Powerbank Review


In the digital age something as simple as a dead battery on your phone, tablet or other device can feel like the apocalypse and the world is ending.  Our dependence on our devices and staying connected is crucial in our daily lives,  so what are you supposed to when your battery goes dead and you can’t get to a outlet.   This is where, something as simple as a power bank is a must have in this digital world and the BRIO Power Bank by Sentey is a lifesaver.  The particular Brio Power Bank we have today has a battery capacity of 20800mAh.  The Brio is available in White like the one in this review or if you prefer you can also get it in a rubberized black finish.

Sentey was founded back in 2001 with the focus around its 4 principles Innovation, Quality, Performance and Customer Service in order to better serve the PC gamer and system builder community.   Within this growing niche in the industry Sentey found its stride and continued to grow and is now a global brand that can be purchased in more than 20 countries. Sentey has continued this growth by also expanding their product line to include products that fit into our digital lifestyles like Headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Power Banks and other products geared towards our mobile devices that we depend on in our everyday lives. Special thanks to Sentey for having us review the new Brio 20800mAh Power Bank.

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