Sentey Flow Purple Headphones Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The Sentey Flow Stereo, with its white gloss finish and purple trim look sleek and modern. The headset is lightweight and surprisingly solid. The on- ear open soft cup design offer little in the way of isolation from ambient room noise. The microphone and microphone mute button is located on the cord, which is not my preferred mounting position.

The headset’s drivers are of average efficiency. Sentey rates the maximum output at 110dB. I think this specification is a little optimistic. The drivers do have a decent amount of headroom, making the Flow is capable of volume levels that will satisfy most users. Once bass boost is added though, that headroom quickly disappears.

Sound quality was above average for a headset in this price range. Male vocals and acoustical instruments sounded natural with just a small amount of harshness. Bass drums sounded like bass drums and cymbals had a nice crisp quality to them once a bit of equalization was added. Heavy weapons fire was intense. I even found myself blinking during explosion or two. I did find the sound to be fatiguing after sometime, but only at higher volume levels. They performed admirably, no matter what I threw at them.

Because they are obviously designed for users with smaller heads, I found then slightly uncomfortable. Given this, I decide the best option would be to let someone with a smaller head use them for a few days. My wife happily agreed. She found then to be quite comfortable and they held their adjustment even after repeatedly taking them on and off.

You can find the Sentey Flow for an extremely affordable $14.99 on Amazon, $20 lower than the MSRP of $34.99. From the packaging to the build quality, nothing about the Sentey Flow hint at such a fantastic price.


  • Good Build Quality
  • Very Comfortable
  • Extremely Afforable


  • Low End Reproduction Could Be Better
  • May Have Issues Fitting Larger Heads


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