Sentey Lumenata Pro Mouse Review

Mouse Software Walkthrough

The Lumenata’s driver software installs very easily with a simple installer. Open it up, click next a couple times and you are done. The main screen of the driver software menu is very straightforward and points you to the main 3 sections of the configuration software.

The Button Function screen allows you to change the mappings of 10 buttons, which is not what the manual or the packaging stated. There was some conflicting information of whether it was only 9 or all 11 buttons. I tested it out and you can actually map up to 10 buttons on the Lumenata Pro, all except for the left mouse button.

The Macro Management screen features an easy to understand user interface. There are a total of 7 macro functions available, all of which are drag and drop enabled. This allows you to put together some pretty advanced macro chains for your games including wait, key press down, key press up, mouse button down, mouse button up, and wheel scroll, There is also a record function that will allow you to record specific keystrokes and mouse movements for your needs. The Lumenata Pro also has 5888 bytes of on board memory to store a ton of macros. Your macros can also be exported to file and imported for easy backups of your complex of your completed macros for later use, or if by chance you fill up the onboard memory.

The DPI tool allows for configuration of 4 main levels of DPI. These default to 800, 1600, 2400, and 3200 DPI. It also allows you to fine tune the  DPI for both X and Y axis together or X and Y axis individually for each main DPI level. The report rate and scroll acceleration settings are not mapped to the main DPI levels, but are each configurable on their own. It’s great to see there is also the ability to backup and restore your DPI Tool settings for later use.

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