Silicon Power BLAST PLUG BP81 Bluetooth Ear Bud Review

Packaging & Unboxing

The Silicon Power BP81 True wireless headphones come in a white box with the front of the packaging showing what’s inside. The front of the packaging is a see-through clear plastic that shows the earbuds as well as the charging case. In white lettering, the front of the package has some key features such as IPX5 waterproof rating, 1 step easy pairing as well as a 3hr playtime.

The sides of the package have some more key features such as 5 days of standby time, the earbud case charges in just 1hr and the earbud case can charge the headphones 5 separate times for up to 15hrs of playtime on one charge.

The other side of the packaging shows the earbud case and that if you pull on the pull tab it will open revealing where you place the headphones to charge them.

Flipping the box over we see a black and white photograph of a guy wearing the headphones. A quick rundown of the technical specs, which we covered in the last section, as well as contact information, warranty information, serial numbers, and compliances.

Removing the front plastic cover, we see a black plastic tray with the earbuds next to the charging case. This gives us one of our first looks at just how small these headphones are.

Included in the box was a short micro USB cable as well as 2 sets of earpieces. 3 sets in total, 1 set is installed on the earbuds.

Behind the main tray, included in the package was a quick start guide. My quick start guide was in a language I do not recognize, unfortunately. I wish that there was a multi-language version of this quick start guide.

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