Silicon Power BLAST PLUG BP81 Bluetooth Ear Bud Review

A Closer Look

Removing the earbuds from the package we get a first-hand look at just how small they are. The earbuds are black with 2 noticeable buttons on the outside.

Flipping the earbud over we see the ear cup and 2 connector points. These are what connect to the charging case in order to charge the headphones. These headphones are labeled R and L for right and left.

The button with the divot on it is the earbuds main power button. Both headphones have these as you will need to push both buttons in order to turn them on, 1 button doesn’t turn both on.

The charging case is cylindrical and comes in measuring approximately 3.5in closed and approx. 6 1/4in open.

The charging case is mainly all black with the bottom part of it being a gunmetal grey color. We can see that when the case is open you can see the contact points for the earbuds. A grey Silicon Power SP logo is observed in the middle of the cover.

When we place the earbuds in the charging case the earbuds light up with a red led indicating that they are charging. When they are fully charged the lights turn off.

The top of the charging case has a grey silicon pull tab which opens the case. On top as well is the charging port with the case. This is a standard Micro USB port.

In the middle, there is a button, when pushed this is the button to illuminate the battery status LEDs. This shows how much battery is left on the charging case.

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