Silicon Power BLAST PLUG BP81 Bluetooth Ear Bud Review


The first thing you do with any Bluetooth/wireless earbud device is pair it to your phone. After figuring out how to do it, mind you the instructions are not in English, I found that if you hold down both buttons on the headset with the raised dot on them, they headphones will power on. Immediately the headset goes into pairing mode waiting for a signal from your device. Once they were turned on, I was able to locate them on my phone.

The stock volume for these headphones once they were paired was very low. I had to push buttons to figure out what each one did. I ended up calling my mom multiple times as she was the last person to have called me. Figuring out that the button furthest from the earcup, the one with the bump on it, would change the volume. However, the left side would lower the volume and the right button would raise the volume. Using that same button if I pressed and held it, it would change the track. I was able to answer phone calls while pushing the power button when someone called and hanging up pressing the same button. It was interesting figuring out how to use this device. The sound quality for such little earbuds was rather impressive. While you won’t get the really deep bass as some headphones on the market, these headphones don’t advertise this. They have a very well-rounded sound to them. Being IPX5 waterproof means I won’t be concerned to wear these while doing physical activities either, whether that be working out at the gym or daily chores around the house. The size of the earbuds is perfect as well and the included ear tips make it a very versatile product. The fact that the earbuds are small means that having any sort of ear fatigue from using them for extended periods of time won’t happen, at least not for me as I am wearing these headphones to type this review up.

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