Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine DDR4 Gaming Memory Review



The XPOWER Turbine runs XMP at 3200 MHz at 16-18-18-36 Timings at its default ‘XMP’ speeds, but let’s see how much more we can squeeze out.

We made it up to 3600 MHz quite uneventfully, we didn’t change the voltage or even timings. This gets us a nice jump from 45.9/46/39.3 GB/s read/write/copy respectively. And we drop from 50.8 ns to 47.1 ns.

We hit a stability wall at 3600 MHz. we were able to move on up clear to 3800 MHz but couldn’t get it quite stable. In the end, we settled in at 3733 MHz with slightly relaxed timings of 18-19-19-41 at 1.385V.

This extra half a gigahertz or so gives us a good jump in Passmark’s Memory Mark Threaded test with the score rising from 40589 to 43336, not bad!

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