Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine DDR4 Gaming Memory Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Silicon Power could make a nice dent in the gaming market with a kit like this. Performance is great right out of the box with the XPOWER Turbine easily matching and often surpassing other similar 3200 MHz kits. And don’t forget, it comes in much faster speeds as well. We would really like to see a more neutral color scheme to blend in to more builds, gamers can be quite touchy with system aesthetics.

Speaking of speeds, we were able to get a really nice overclock out of it. We gained another 400MHz without lifting a finger by changing speeds or timings. However, once we got above 3600MHz, the Xpower modules put up a fight and required us to both up the voltage quite a bit as well as slightly relax the timings. All in all, we have no complaints and are in fact, quite impressed.

Great job Silicon Power!



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