Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine RGB DDR4 Memory Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Silicon Power makes a compelling entry into the RGB Gaming memory market with the XPOWER Turbine RGB. Even though it carries the same specs on paper, we got a little bit better performance out of it than we did the non-RGB version of the Turbine memory. Overclocking didn’t go quite as well, we ran into a wall at 3600Mhz. Even with High voltage and loose timings, we just couldn’t get it to stabilize.

We have to say we do enjoy the aesthetics of the RGB kit much more. The non-RGB turbine is a beautiful blue color, but if you aren’t doing a build with blue, it can be a little too aggressive. The RGB version has a really nice dark grey heat spreader that will blend into any build and the RGB is just icing on the cake. The lighting effect is nice and smooth across the entire module, and syncing with ASUS’s Aura went perfectly.

Great job Silicon Power!

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