Silverstone EB01-E DAC and EB03 Headphone Amplifier Review

Inside The EB01-E DAC

Opening the top aluminum panel, which I have to say was very thick and durable, you can get a glimpse of the board and components inside.

The EB01-E DAC seems to have a custom board made for Silverstone. On this image above, the chip below is the Texas Instruments PCM1798 24-Bit, 192-kHz Sampling, Advanced Segment, Audio Stereo Digital-to-Analog Converter. Some other DACs that use the same chip include the PS NuWave DAC and DR. DAC2 DX which are good entry-level DACs.

Here’s a closer look at the XMOS XS1 TQ128 USB decoder which is responsible for processing the input from the computer before passing to the PCM1798 for an accurate analog sound reproduction. There are some higher-end DACs that use the XMOS chips such as Cambridge Audio and Astell & Kern. Overall, I could say Silverstone’s selection of components for the EB01-E is pretty much par to Silverstone’s high quality standards. The board itself looks clean, the solders look good and neat.

Now let’s move on to the EB03 headphone amplifier on the next page.

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