Silverstone EB01-E DAC and EB03 Headphone Amplifier Review

Inside the EB03 Headphone Amplifier

We disassembled the EB03 to take a look at the components inside.

From the image above, you can clearly see the thick aluminum components of the casing, nothing less of a premium quality headphone amplifier from Silverstone.

The EB03 also has a custom board made for Silverstone. Soldering done is good and clean just like on the EB01-E DAC.

Here’s a look at the THAT 1646W 16-U & 1512S14-U IC used on the board. You can check out this link for the IC’s date sheets. THAT corporation works with various professional audio manufacturers for more than 20 years. According to the data sheet, it features low noise of -101dBu and low distortion of 0.0007% @ 1kHz. Also stable driving long cables and capacitive loads.

Now let’s move on to our testing and subjective listening experience.

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