Silverstone PM02 Case Review

Aesthetics of the Silverstone PM02

Why white?
The PM02 case from SilverStone is available in black and white. Normally, I’m against computer cases in white or beige. Really, those cases in the late 1990s and early 2000s that were anything but stylish is the stuff of nightmares. SilverStone did a great job with the white on this case. Instead of a cheap paint job, SilverStone went the extra mile and had the PM02 powder coated. This was a very nice surprise. Not only is powder coat more durable than paint, the PM02 doesn’t have that strange texture that most mass manufactured spray it and forget it paint jobs produce. Though I will normally shy away from white cases, the powder coating has had me seriously considering swapping out my main rig’s current home for the PM02.

Tempered glass anyone?
Are cases these days really considered modern without tempered glass? Don’t get me wrong here, being able to see all of the cool components and lighting requires a window. Mounted on a sturdy metal frame, SilverStone got it right again with their tempered glass left side panel.

Dust prevention
As I mentioned before, removing the front panel will expose the included front dust cover. SilverStone also has the top and PSU opening covered with dust prevention. In all three of these areas, the dust covers are magnetic which makes it easy to remove and clean.

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