Silverstone PS11-Q and PS11-W Chassis Review


The case is the centerpiece in any rig. It needs to house everything you plan to install, have good cooling and acoustic dampening as well as looking good. There are a lot of brands offering computer cases today but one of the prominent brands. Today is Silverstone and today we will be looking at their latest models under the Precision Series, the PS11-W and PS11-Q. The Silverstone SST-PS11 cases address the two major classification of builders present today. The PS11-W marketed for enthusiast builders which highlights looks and performance while the PS11-Q targets the builders looking for silence and performance. Join us today as we take a look at these two cases and what these has to offer.

Silverstone’s take on the PS11 Chassis

To meet enthusiasts’ expectations for a versatile entry-level case, SilverStone created the Precision PS11 ATX tower case with no compromise in style or in quality. By adopting the bottom-PSU-mount design, the PS11 has flexible storage options and a wide range of support for nearly all components. Despite affordable prices, it still retains outstanding and practical features such as Superspeed USB 3.0 ports, space for high performance graphics cards, and support for various cooling configurations. The PS11 comes in two versions, one with side window and a mesh front panel for high cooling performance, while the other one has sound absorbing foam and indirect front-side intake vents for quiet operation.

Let us check out the features and specifications of the PS11 cases on the next page.

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