Silverstone ST1200-PTS PSU 1200W Power Supply Review

Packaging & Unboxing

Silverstone’s ST1200-PTS power supply comes in a relatively small box that is almost entirely black. A picture of the power supply inside covers close to half of the front.

The rear of the box has most of the features highlighted in several languages.

One long edge of the box shows basic specifications as well as a listing of the connectors available.

The short ends of the box have the model number on them.

The short ends of the box, as well as the last long side, have the model number on them.

Inside, there is some paperwork such as the manual and warranty booklet. Another smaller box is inside and holds the cables.

The other side of the box is a large block of foam that cradles the power supply itself.

The output cables are in the smaller box and are bundled up inside.

Beyond the modular output cables, you get a heavy-duty power cable as well as a baggie of accessories.

The baggie includes some zip ties, some screws and thumbscrews, and some reusable Velcro cable wraps.

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