Silverstone ST1200-PTS PSU 1200W Power Supply Review

A Closer Look

One of the first things you’ll notice about Silverstone’s ST1200-PTS is just how small it really is. That is a standard 120mm fan sitting on top of it. Tiny huh?

The rear of the PSU includes a standard IEC C14 power inlet and a power switch. A honeycomb grill pattern takes up most of the rear of the unit.

The side has very little info beyond some quality control stickers and a serial number sticker.

A single 120mm Hybrid Ceramic Bearing fan cools the unit when needed or when power output climbs above 240Watts (20% of total output)

The other side of the unit has the main label that takes up the entire edge. it features all of the information you could possibly need.

The business end of the unit comes almost entirely protected with rubber plugs.

Once you take them out, you reveal four PCIe outputs, two CPU power outputs, four peripheral connections, and the main 24-pin cable connection.

The included fan filter has magnets around each corner to hold it in place.

Silverstone uses flat cables, and the main 24-pin has four groups of 6 wires bundled with Velcro wraps.

The main 24-pin cable is just over 600 mm long with the 4+4 CPU cables coming in around 580mm.  All four PCIe cables are around 580mm to the first 6+2 connector and almost 140mm to the next daisy-chained connector.

The peripheral cables come in at around 650mm to the first connector and around 140mm to each connector after that. This makes these cables almost a meter long to the furthers connector.

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