Silverstone ST1200-PTS PSU 1200W Power Supply Review

On the Inside

The cooling for Silverstone’s ST1200-PTS is a relatively small 120mm fan and can pull up to around 3½ watts at full tilt.

Tucked next to it is incoming power filter you can see hanging out the side here.

Silverstone goes to great lengths to filter incoming power with a beefy assortment of X and Y caps and even an in-line choke.

To get the PCB out of the casing, we have to unplug the power switch.

There is even more very impressive filtering on the board.

The rear of the PSU has the main MOSFET’s that are heatsinked to the case via a large thermal pad.

Under the thermal pad hides eight power MOSFET’s.

The smaller components are cooled with two large heatsinks that fan out over the top of the components and under the fan.

Bulk capacitance is provided by a pair of 560uF capacitors rated for 105C.

The modular connector board at the rear of the power supply has heavy buss bars and some filter capacitors on it.

There is a secondary board stacked behind it with a ton of filtering.

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