Silverstone ST1200-PTS PSU 1200W Power Supply Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

As always, Silverstone provides a very high-quality power supply with great efficiency at a very uncommon size. Build quality is second to none and the amount of filtering on both the input and output sides are impressive. Even more impressive is how much they have managed to cram in such a small space. There are SFX-L power supplies on the market that are longer than this. One complaint I’ve personally had with Silverstone units is the continued use of blue connectors for the PCI-E cables. In a world that values aesthetics and customizability almost above performance these days, they can really stick out in some builds that don’t have a PSU shroud. Even if you have really nice aftermarket cables, the blue plugs are still there. Performance-wise, there is exactly zero to complain about with what we can test. The 5-year warranty is a little on the lighter side for higher-end models on the market but should cover your next build or two with no worries. The $260 street price is a little higher than similar models, but those are all quite a bit larger so you are paying for the minimized physical space needed here.

Great job Silverstone!

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