Silverstone Temjin TJ-04E PC Tower

Closer look at the exterior

If you are a regular reader of this website, you probably have heard us often talk about our love for sleek cases like the TJ-04E we are about to review here today. We will say it again as there is no substitute from the sense of style that comes with owning a case like this. We are not downplaying the looks of the so-called gaming cases but cases like this one can serve as a gaming chassis or a case used for the professional.

For those that is wandering the E in the title of the name stands for ‘Evolution” and that is just what this case has gone through. But before we get into the evolution of the TJ-04. The case is a perfect square as it measures 19” tall and deep. This makes it one of the shortest cases we have tested in some time. And because of the mixture of SECC metal and thick aluminum the case weighs 21 lbs empty. The TJ-04E only comes in black and available with or without a windowed side panel.

The front of the TJ-04E is a little more special than the rest of the tower as it is the one panel that is made of the thick aluminum we have been begging about. The fascia is pretty subtle any which way you look at it. But that was the appeal of the original TJ-04 and the new model closely follows.

To keep the case as sleek as it is Silverstone did not load the front down with all kinds of features and looks we see in many cases. All the front consist of is four 5.25” optical bays and a power and reset combo. Along with the Silverstone logo that is all you get in the first of this case.

We were lucky enough to receive the model with the see-thru left side panel. Shaped in a perfect rectangle, you will be able to see pretty everything in the rig except for what sits in the 5.25” bays.

The right side panel is far from the boring right panels we are accustom to seeing. In the case of the TJ-04E there is a panel that can be removed to show the location of two possible fans. Silverstone includes one of these fans. The panel itself is just a dust cover for the fans. The location is made to fit two 120mm fans.

The top of the case consist of another vent panel that once again can be removed to show the location for two more fans and once again one is included. And again it is a 120mm cooling unit. Just forward of that is the I/O area which consists of two USB 3.0 and dual audio jacks.

The rear of the case is about as vented as you can get. Not only are the expansion covers vented but the couple of other areas are as well. There are a set of holes for water-cooling tubing and a 120mm cooling fan.

The bottom of the TJ-04E has a pair of rubber boots to stabilize it on the floor or whatever surfaces you so choose. The longer dust panel you see is for the power supply and the other is for a 120mm cooling fan if you decide to install one.

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