Silverstone Temjin TJ-04E PC Tower

Closer look at the interior

Opening the TJ-04E, you see the first thing that is gone from the original is everything. New to the case is an all black interior and no more of the steel look that was the norm back in the early 2000s. The new case is so much better arranged. But before we get into the arrangement we have to tell you that the new TJ-04E can house video cards up to 12.2” long without having to remove any part of the HDD cage.

Some common features to today’s cases were added to the motherboard tray of the case like the CPU cut-out and inlets for routing cables to the back of the motherboard tray.

The case will accommodate four 5.25” devices with the help of a set of plastic brackets. The bracket simply lifts up and once drive is place back down again.

The HDD support in the TJ-04E is incredible and well beyond what any other case of this size has to offer. First there is a HDD cage near the front of the case that can be removed for easier HDD installation. The cage itself can house eight drives and one more underneath the cage with an additional six 2.5” drives in a separate cage. This smaller HDD cage can be inserted in the larger one to additional space at the bottom of case for other things.

Beside the vertical HDD cage on the right side panel is that single fan we mentioned. That blows right in the direction of thee HDD cage for additional cooling. This works hand and hand when the heat sink attached to the side of the HDD cage when installed. More on the heat sinks later. But according to Silverstone the combination of fan, heat sinks and design of the case keeps mechanical drive around the 42 degree level, well within operating temp.

With the bottom 2.5” drive cage in place the TJ-04E can support power supplies up to 7” long. There is also room for an additional fan in the bottom of the case.

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