Silverstone Temjin TJ-04E PC Tower


We all know Silverstone for taking risk when it comes to design of the exterior of their cases just look at the Raven and Fortress series for example. But you cannot call it a risk when they decide to change up the interior of the same cases. The changes of the inside of their cases are all for functional reasons and it has so far worked. One of the most dramatic changes we have seen from them would be the rotation of the motherboard tray in many of their cases. In our testing we found this to be ideal when it came to cooling of the entire area of the motherboard and everything connected to it.

When it came to the new and updated TJ04-E, the placement of the hard drives and the way they are being cool is what makes this case different from anything else on the market. Silverstone was able to make the TJ04-E the only case of its size to be able to hold a total of fifteen hard drives and SSD drives. And with the hard drives being active and passive cooled. We talked about the cooling of HD drives with SilverStone just prior to us receiving the case as we wanted to know more about the cooling.  We were told that temps were around 42 degrees or less during in-house testing. Our test they ran between 37 and 40 degrees. Not bad.

One thing we loved about this case is that you did not have to gut it out to use large wattage power supplies or long video cards. Often there is a need to remove a HDD cage or two in order to run video cards like the Radeon HD 5970 or Nvidia GTX 590. Not the case here with the TJ04-E.

The looks of the Silverstone TJ04-E is another reason to get excited about. If you are one that is in the market for a case that is subtle, simplistic and elegant all at the same time this is the ticket. The case uses a single thick sheet of 7mm aluminum to curve out the front fascia and the rest is metal. All the lines are straight and no curves adds to its sweetness.

The TJ04-E can be had online for about $150. We call this a fair price but if you want to save a few dollars you can opt for the KL-04 which cost about $110 but has a plastic front panel and has the same interior design.

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