Sniper Elite 4 PC Game Review


After Doom and Wolfenstein put shooters on the map games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Medal of Honor took them mainstream. With early entries focusing on World War 2 it wasn’t too long until consumers were worn out with the period and the trend of modern military shooters began. One game series set out to make a unique game set in World War 2, by refining it down to focus the core gameplay on being an OSS elite soldier. This series was Sniper Elite, developed and published by Rebellion the most recent entry Sniper Elite 4 recently released on PC. What remains to be seen is will there be anything new the series can do at this point or will it be another retread of an over exposed period?

About Rebellion

Rebellion is an English game developer founded in Oxford in 1992. They are one of Europe’s leading independent game developers. With a focus on delivering the best possible games on all platforms, they are best known for Alien Vs Predator and the Sniper Elite series.

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