Sniper Elite 4 PC Game Review

Performance & Testing

The red triangle shows where enemies last saw you when spotted. They will search nearby locations, use bushes and stay in shadows to conceal your position.

The controls are tight and responsive, with no noticeable mouse acceleration when aiming. The only issues with the controls are that there are contextual button presses. While some of these can be bound like pick up body or search which are both bound to ‘E’ can be bound to separate buttons. Other things like jump/mantle or crouch/prone/drop cannot be bound to separate controls being bound to ‘space bar’ and ‘C’ respectively.

The aesthetics of this game are breathtaking with each open map having multiple ways to access areas. The variety in the maps also keeps the game from becoming bland or samey. Instead of focusing on the Western front of the war and a bombed out France and England we are treated to Tuscan Villas, forests near viaducts and aqueducts, and Mediterranean levels complete with large churches and castles. All beautifully rendered using the in-house Asura Engine. The texture detail is phenomenal as well even upon close inspection. The goal of the team at Rebellion was to create a sniping sandbox, so they reworked the rendering technology behind the engine allowing them to create levels that are in some cases three times larger than levels from the previous game.

The game prides itself on having realistic trajectory and bullet physics on higher difficulties and in testing it did not disappoint, wind speed, altitude, and distance need to be considered heavily if you want to make any shots from 150+ meters away. Even the stopping power of the guns is something of note, the shotgun feels like a shotgun, the way Karl holds it and the recoil gives the gun the look of serious kick and seeing the way the bullet rips through the body if you have x-ray kills enabled again adds that extra dimension to the game. Luckily though these x-ray kills can be disabled as they get repetitive and break up the flow of gaming once the novelty wears off.

The team at Rebellion also receives top-notch marks in the audio department too, again the guns sound loud. The sniper rifles sound menacing and when the enemy troops hear a shot they take cover before they start looking around. The enemy reaction to the sound just adds to that immersion. The music is pretty good too, when you either slip up or decide to go loud the soundtrack amps up it up with an up-tempo score that makes the game feel more like an action sequence at that point. While normally when you are sneaking the music is much more subtle, the music here is a perfect fit. The sound engine while not as robust as other games also works, there are separate sliders for music, sound effects and voice volume. As well as a slider for the master, the game also allows one of three sound profiles: headphones, TV or full range speakers. There is also an option for audio reverb quality, but strangely that option can only be changed from the launcher.

This game lets you take some long shots, this shot was a planted charge from over 200 meters away.

The options menu is in a launcher, which can be a bit of a pain as while options can be set from within the game, some require a restart or activation from the launcher to take effect. All the standard options are there, resolution options, fullscreen or off, texture and shadow detail, post processing, v-sync, and DX12. With the minimum requirements being an i3-2100 or AMD equivalent, 4 GB of RM and a Radeon HD 7870 or GTX 660 and the recommended requirements being an i7-3770 or AMD equivalent, 8 GB of RAM and a GTX 970 or RX 480 this game should run on a good number of hardware configurations. That being said, the launcher is going to make getting the performance just right a bit of a pain as options will have to be enabled or disabled, then tested and repeated as needed until you’re happy with the performance.


Benchmarks @ 1080P on Ultra Preset Dx11

  i7 6700/GTX 980ti 8320/RX 480 G3258/GTX 1050ti
Frames 5,378 3,027 3,100
Time in MS 60,000 60,000 60,000
Min FPS 75 43 44
Max FPS 111 74 66
Avg FPS 89.633 50.45 51.667



  i7 6700/GTX 980ti 8320/RX 480 G3258/GTX 1050ti
Frames 5,713 3,917 2,817
Time in MS 60,000 60,000 60,000
Min FPS 79 55 33
Max FPS 120 105 65
Avg FPS 95.217 65.283 46.95

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