Sniper Elite 4 PC Game Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

The key mark of any sequel should be to take the old game and build on what it did. Take what works and make it bigger and better. Here Rebellion succeeded wholeheartedly, they wanted to build a sniper’s playground so they took the level design from the past game and made it larger. These levels are larger, almost to the point of being too big. The AI has been improved, yet it doesn’t feel cheap. Ultimately this game is a must buy for anyone that is a fan of tactical shooters, though fans of stealth games might be disappointed as stealth is not the core system and it shows. While the campaign can be beaten in about ten hours, there is plenty of content for completionists. From weapon challenges to collectibles and mission challenges, there is a lot on offer here. Though for the most part there was a focus on quality as well as quantity. Sniper Elite 4 is available on Steam for $59.99, the deluxe edition is $89.99 and the season pass is $34.99, at the end of the game the game get the recommendation buy it.


  • Large levels with verticality and multiple ways to get to objectives
  • Tight and responsive controls
  • Impressive sound design
  • Competent AI
  • A lot of content on offer


  • DLC model is questionable
  • Characters while fitting feel bland and unoriginal
  • Some options require activating from the launcher


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