Splashtop Business Review

Is Splashtop Business the remote desktop manager that you need to have?

In a time when working from home requires all sorts of software to help us maximize our productivity, a good remote desktop software should be our top priority. But what kind of app should we look for? Splashtop Business is a powerful remote desktop manager that comes with a wide range of features that are great for various users, including IT managers, teachers, and personal users.

We will take a look at all the features Splashtop Business has to offer and see if it is good remote desktop software.

Splashtop Business Pros and Cons

+ Pros: Free one-week trial for any preferred plan, different software plans (including a free personal plan), cross-platform access, TLS and 256-bit encryption with multifactor authentication, drag and drop file transfers (for files up to 64GB), remote reboot and wake up feature.

– Cons: Not all features can be accessed on all devices (for instance, Whiteboard is only available for iPad and Android devices), iOS app has no support for French and Italian, some plans can be expensive.

Splashtop Business Features

When it comes to what features and utilities Splashtop Business has, it all depends on what plan a user would choose. For instance, there is Business Access Solo, Business Access Pro, and Business Access Pro Volume Licenses, and there’s also an enterprise option and a plan for teachers, called Splashtop Education, which is quite affordable.

splashtop business review

Splashtop Business offers plenty of handy features. First, the simple interface makes it easy to remotely access the computer of a client without making the client download extra software.

The app allows the user to access and manage the computers from any device, allowing the user to access all the unattended computers at any time. All the Splashtop plans come with file transfer tools.

Splashtop is a good choice for telecommuters, teachers, and IT professionals. Setting up the remote desktop app is very easy. A new user only needs to sign up for a new account and install the apps on the devices that will be used.

After the account creation, the app will guide users through an easy setup. When the downloading of the streamer package is complete, all the devices can be connected with one single click.

Splashtop Business works fast and it is responsive, there’s no noticeable lag when using the screen share feature. The file transfer also works very fast.

In terms of security, we mentioned in the ‘pros’ section that Splashtop comes with firewalls, encryption, DDoS protection, and more thanks to its cloud services that are hosted on Amazon Web Services. In addition to these features, all devices that use Splashtop will have to be authenticated and there’s also the two-factor protection layer that can be added. Data transfers are also backed by TLS and 256-bit AES encryption.

All Splashtop users that need further help with the features can contact chat support or submit a ticket. However, wait times for getting an answer are relatively long, but there are plenty of guides, FAQs, and even a community forum that can help with complex issues and questions.

Splashtop Business vs. Splashtop Personal

We mentioned in our pros that Splashtop also has a free plan. It’s called Splashtop Personal, and it is free to use on the same network, and you can connect to up to 5 computers. This plan is for non-commercial use only and it lets users connect their phones to computers through the Splashtop Personal – Remote Desktop. The app can be found in the iOS and Android App Stores.

Although it has only a few features, Splashtop Personal can be a great help. If you need to access your computer from a different network, there’s also a yearly plan that allows you to access anything on your PC from anywhere – it’s called the “anywhere access pack.” There’s also another option called “productivity pack,” which lets you access a few more handy features from your tablets.

Of course, the best deal when it comes to choosing Splashtop Personal with some in-app purchases is the “Business Access” pack that includes not just the “anywhere access pack” and the “productivity pack,” but also extra features, for a great price.

Is Splashtop Business a Good Remote Desktop Connection Manager?

When looking at the different plans and features it offers, Splashtop Business is quite a powerful app. It comes with great security and it’s easy to set up and use. The remote desktop connection manager is also great since it allows cross-platform access.

But what about Splashtop’s features compared to what competitors offer? For instance, personal users may want to use a free tool, such as Remote Access for Windows. The downside is that the tool can only be used by Windows devices. TeamViewer does offer a lot more tools, including IoT device control and even a meeting tab, but it comes with a bigger price tag.

If your work needs all the features Splashtop has to offer, then it is worth checking out Splashtop Business’ free trial before buying the plan that fits your needs.

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