Streacom FC9 Alpha Fanless Chassis Review


With the smaller form factor PCs being all the rage these days, more and more people are switching to using media center PCs for watching TV and movies. However, the smaller the case, the more heat it must dissipate. Depending on the setup, this could cause more ambient noise than one would want while trying to relax and binge on Game of Thrones or nap while their wife watches some random romantic comedy. What if there was a completely silent chassis? One where you didn’t have to worry about fans and noise. We’d like to thank the good people over at Streacom for providing us with the FC9 Alpha fanless chassis for this review as well as the 150 watt Nano Power Supply. But can this chassis really offer great cooling and a completely silent experience? Let’s find out!

About Streacom

Their Mission

“To design, engineer, manufacture and supply a range of computer products and accessories that push the boundaries of form, function, quality and value.”

Their History

Streacom was founded in 2010 by a small but experienced team that shared a common vision of producing uniquely designed and engineered computer cases. With our head office in Holland and manufacturing base in China, we entered the market by focusing on SFF and passive cooled products all made from premium grade aluminum. This combination of premium quality and compact design has established Streacom as a global player in the PC component market and earned us a reputation for making stylish well-crafted products.

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